Powder & Liquid Extract

Plant extracts :

Specialized in the development of ingredients, Deva Company benefit from its expertise in plants knowledge, to develop and produce plant extracts. A R&D team identifies development opportunities in the health as well as in the beauty area and brings original solutions supported by scientific proofs.

Having a long tradition of partnership, we put the know-how of the group at your disposal to help you in your projects of development.

The development and enhancement of technology is under way in our company. Recently we have started the production of purified dry extracts.

  1. Pharmaceutical products.
  2. Food/Instant products(coffee,tea,etc).
  3. Dairy products.
  4. Fruit juices.
  5. Organic products.
  6. Inorganic product.
  7. Products from the environmental protection.
  8. Bioenergy.
  9. Recycling of solvents.

Additional Services

Each plant is unique and requires additional equipment or process steps, for example:

   v  Intermediate storage and treatment of the thin extract

   v  Concentrate handling and cooling

   v  Sterilisation stages

   v  Flash evaporation as a simultaneous concentration and cooling unit

   v  Various operation concepts up to PLC systems

   v  From manual to fully automatic operations, incl. cleaning programs (CIP)

   v  Flexible regarding the use of components stipulated in your company Standard

   v  Wide range of materials

   v  GMP documentation

Powder Extract​

Aniseed Extract

Pimpinella anisum extract

Grape Seed Extractt

Vitis vinifera extract

Bitter Orange Extract

Citrus aurantium extract

St.Johns Wort Extract

Hypericum perforatum extract

Pomegranate Fruit Peel Extract

Punica granatum extract

Liquid Extract

Artichoke Extract

Cynara scolymus extract

Nettle Leaf Extract

Mentha piperita extract

Black Mustard Extract

Brassica nigra extract

Comomile Extract

Matricaria chamomilla extract

Ferula Elaeochytris Extract

Ferula elaeochytris extract